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Ray Robinson

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Coming from a long line of coal miners, Ray broke the mold by moving into surveying, then economics and now mediation. His career has taken him from the Tom Thumb Lagoon being transformed into the Inner Harbour and #2 Steelworks at Port Kembla to the jungles of the Solomon Islands and then to the halls of learning at the University of NSW and Sydney.

Thirteen years in State and Local Government in Water Resources, Electricity Generation and Distribution filling roles in Project Analysis, Financial Analysis, Marketing and General Management has provided the basis for a sound, qualified and experienced consult to small business firms.

The sixteen years as a Mediator with the Community Justice Centres, with about a thousand mediations completed equips Ray with an interpersonal skills base that diffuses conflict among "warring" parties and encourages them to an agreed future peace.
He cares for what happens in our city and cares for the well being of its people.

Ray is happily married with children and grandchildren in Corrimal and Canada.

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